Denotes a release is no longer in print.

[All releases are made available through the efforts and energy of Vantage Bulletin publishing (a League of David group); without thier assistance, and creative support, none of this would ever be possible. Thank you for everything.]

*, available for [physical] purchase while on tour only.

****, indicates a release is considered to be singular in the artist's canon; all of the 'Disney Classics' [clear 7" lathes] are all considered four star releases, very limited and highly exceptional.








Jamison Williams - solo soprano saxophone
'Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'

‘’This is a labor of pure unequivocated love: extracted from an obsession, and refined exposing the intimate details; the truth was buried deep, and forgotten, when found, the glistening beauty penetrated my hollow core. Nothing has remained untouched since.’ 

‘With 20 pages of fully descriptive liner notes, detailing the complete story of creative inspiration; poignant and evocative, as written by the performer.’