• 01.11.16 “'Interpretations from the Disney Songbook (for solo soprano saxophone)', 400 pages of Disney interpreted compositions; every handwritten, graphic notated piece is paired with detailed directives, explaining the value of each compositional movement, "course of action", and role/temperament of the narrator. This is a monolith of tireless efforts, painstakingly crafted, and bleeds the words of absolute obsession; carefully extracted from a collection of over 800 pieces, these are the favorites of the litter, songs/memories I feel are my truest representation of purity and creative honesty. A soliloquy of passion and determination. First edition limited to five copies: $17, with shipping to equal out to a flat $20 [I didn't realize that the printer is also selling the book, so it can also be found here: http://www.blurb.com/b/7692558].

• 11.01.16 I am very proud to announce the continuation of the [neu]Sonics Music Initiative [Series II], housed in the most appropriate venue Jacksonville, Florida could allow, in the illustrious Karpeles Manuscript Musuem; for six weeks, students will learn to develop alternative forms of structural/improvising composition, with this series focusing on improvisational conduction and gestural cuing, associated with 'Soundpainting'.

Classes begin November 27th, at 6pm, with a performance following each class by two co-instructors, familiar with the musical/improvisational format.

Very much looking forward to seeing the class grow with new and returning faces and minds.

• 09.04.16 This is performed from an ever-swelling library of one minute graphic/notated 'reimagined' scores of Disney classics, now amassing at well over 500 pages of written material for solo soprano; inspired by the lectures and program information delivered during my time at [neu]Sonics Music Initiative, each piece fits perfectly on a 5"x7", two-line, compositional staff. Notated in my personal language, this study material was designed to help me retain improvisational directives, and restating modes of organizing ideas in a very short, consise method. This is a perfectly fine example of thoroughly enjoying listening to myself speak; excruciatingly short and to the point.

I thought that it would be fun to pinch out this little nugget of sweetness in honor of the upcoming 'Mary Poppins' tour, and at just over a minute it definitely keeps most of my ever-fleeting attention in check. [In a most delightful way]


• 07.09.16 Greetings everyone! Long time no see! To catch you up in brevity with all the ongoings from the past couple months, let me start with the most important and move my way down to the less important: 1) I turned 40 years old, without a single broken bone, very few cavities, and much still remains of my mental faculty (hurray for me); 2) I will be embarking next week on what will be my 15th month of touring, not to shabby, hopefully I am able to continue on for a couple more months; 3) I will be in Europe from Feb 14th - Mar 14th, playing, vacationing, enjoying the sweet broke life; 4) [neu]Sonics Music Initiative finished Series I with a celebrated bang, and will most likely remain active allowing for Series II to begin in September. Well that's that, hope all is well with everyone, and hope to see some more wonderful faces and hear some more memorable names as I travel through the U.S. during the remainer of the year while on tour. By the way, I don't know if I have mentioned it, but during the last three run, while out with Leo Suarez (drummer) and Nate Corder (guitarist), I wound up buying over 350 classic Disneyland LP's ...so there are always room for more, and trade is always an option when it comes to merch. Hit me up, shoot me a pitch, make me an offer. See you all soon!!

Before I forget!! It would be a great loss to not mention the excellent opportunity experienced while on shoot with the incomparable Anna Funk; she filmed a wonderful video of me at the incredible Karpeles Manuscript Museum, one of the most perfect sounding venues in all of venues I have performed at: this is 'It's a Small World', and a bit of a mash up at that. See if you can catch all the songs played. It's beatuiful times we are living in, my friends.

• 01.01.16 HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE. Beginning the second Sunday of January 2016, Jacksonville’s historic Karpeles Manuscript Museum will host ‘Series I’ of the [neu]Sonics Music Initiative (www.neusonics.org), a highly informative and interactive, six-week musical program focusing on the techniques, direction, and individual roles of free/structured group improvisation and composition; every other Sunday, a rotating staff of instructors, lecturers, and music professionals will highlight important pioneers in the field of graphic/hybrid notation, assist/conduct group/student arrangements, and nurture the developing interests of the students in creating a more personalized method to communicate musical ideas. Special musical guests, professional/touring musicians/composers, and key figures in improvisation/modern composition will be invited to deliver key notes to the class throughout each series.

• 11.19.15 SUN BELT + New York Finished!! Nearly a month of touring, throughout the entire south of the United States, and then a week in the wonderful company of New York's finest improvising musicians; home feels warm, sunny, and moderately tropical, until Dec 9th, then I am headed to the deep north of Wisconsin. Brrrr.... (very very cold)

On a side note, during my time in NY, I had the pleasant opportunity to record with Dave Miller [dr] and Austin White [db] at Wombat Studio [http://wombatrecording.com/], by Ross Bonadonna; four hours of improvisation, and completely maxxed out my Disney repertoire. Playback sounded energetic, full of exacting variety, and recognizably entertaining. Had the house whistling ...while they worked. (har!) Keep an ear out, more information about that coming soon.

• 09.29.15 Audio [solo soprano] has been sent out, and the complete package should be available for my upcoming 'Sun Belt' tour (if the planets, stars, and postal service meets the demands of the pressing schedules of mortals); wonderfully stark, on clear, hand lathed vinyl, with eight full pages of liner notes. Overwhelming, and highly informational.

Recorded at St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Cathedral, in Washington DC [June 19th, 2015]: ONLY ten [10] will be made available.

• 07.28.15 An absolute "near-masterpiece", and finally presenting the first [technically, second] full length release of Disney Classics, on soprano saxophone 'WALT DISNEY' [the "Donald Duck" release], and for those who had the pleasant opportunity to attend the SLEEPING BEAUTY tour, and purchased the "MICKEY MOUSE" edition of this release, are NOW offered the opportunity to "trade in" that release for this particular one; consider "MICKEY MOUSE" a redemption album, one you can keep, or trade it in for a recording very much more reminiscent of the performances you witnessed while on tour. Patient, relaxed, balanced, and an album that may induce a few tears along the way. 

One long improvisation [42:07], consisting of 11 songs, each completely defined with full use of balanced and controlled extended techniques: no abrasiveness, shrillness, or "murdering the horn/reed", instead lovingly dedicated in honor of Walter Elias Disney. Complete with 12 full pages of liner notes, and a SPECIAL HIDDEN "PREGAP" TRACK [8:33]. Recorded live at Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, May 25th 2015. 

"I am that corrupt monster of a Disney fanatic, with stacks of Anniversary VHS releases piled in the closet, the same man toting a leather studded vest of ‘Hidden Mickey’ tradable pins, and I am the overly excited seven year old, anxious and obnoxious, waiting in line for the Haunted Mansion, Country Bear Jamboree, and at your local movie theater. That shit won’t stop any time soon, eating at my insides, and feel it deep in my bones; it makes sense to me, and although many have ran it dry and have moved on to bigger, more sophisticated means of entertainment, I am right here grinding out the chords to find the sweet spot, once again, for personal discovery, the exact reason I gravitated to it as a child. It was always a moment of new inspiration, a highlight and milestone of remembrance." [from the liner notes of 'WALT DISNEY' available 05/03/15]

• 03.23.15 Three incredible nights of Disney performances by the [neu]Sonics Orchestra, arrannged/conducted by myself, and I couldnt have imagined it being as wonderful as it was, if expecting the most perfect arrangements and participating personnel; everyone was sweet, and interactive, and passionate. It was an honor to have been a part of this, and very much looking forward to the next Tour Series (Disney Classics: Pinocchio) coming in July. Thank you, Anna Funk for your amazing documentation, you are a godsend and one of the most talented people I have ever met. Thank you, all!!

• 01.11.15 HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!! 2014 closed with excellent celebrations and with an acknowledgement of great personal accomplishment; having received the cover of Folio Weekly for the week of December 3-9, to help bring in additional attendance and support to the 'When You Wish Upon A Star: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook', felt simply like all the efforts put forth on behalf of all who contributed their energy to see a very small group of creative acheivers, reep some attention, and that show of sponsorship is valued like liquid diamonds. Thank you Dan Brown for making that possible; his focus has always been on highlighting the little man, and at that particular moment the light shined very brightly in our direction. Thank you.

ALSO: besides the fact the squad I am working with on this "extended Disney project" [AG Davis (v), Billy Henderson (dr), and myself (ss)] are my brothers, bound to the core, Vantage Bulletin publishing family, and the material is solid as a diamond (complete with perfect packaging, 100% all the way through, and they are quite gorgeous), I WILL NEVER SELF RELEASE IN THIS FORMAT EVER AGAIN, ever. Too much trouble, hassle, bologna, and too much time stolen when I could have been hashing out ideas on a horn. Take these off my hands, because those who get them have a VERY RARE piece of my musical history; because, seriously, never again, ever (I hate this format with a grinding teeth passion). [2x$10]

Interesting Point of Information: while in the OfficeMax/OfficeDepot tonight tirelessly cutting these shits down, "Let It Go" wound up playing on the store's intercom.

• 08.30.14 Available 09/20, this beautiful EIGHT page "read along storybook", a perfect throwback to the original days of simple musical enjoyment, musical duets with friends, and valued times shared appreciating quality time spent with the people who mean the most to us; this WILL BE for sale at VERY limited quantities (only 10 available), which also includes a limited edition cassette release, with two recorded performances by myself and Dan Kozak, playing "The Bare Necessities", and "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah". $10 pp, + a couple bones for S/H. Get at me soon , because, as of now, only FIVE REMAIN.


• 08.17.14 I am VERY PROUD to announce that in early November, myself, with the incredible assistance of fourteen (confirmed, and possibly many many more) other musicians, will be assembling to record a full length masterpiece of Disney proportions, followed by a tour de force performance set loose onto this loving, art-nourished city, the[neu]Sonics Orchestra (as conducted by Jamison Williams) will proudly present a night's performance of, 'When You Wish Upon a Star: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'. The [neu]Sonics Orchestra is a free-conducted super-ensemble with a cast of participating characters immeasureably dense with personality, talent, and endless variety, they will be preforming and recreating the greatest classics found in the historic Disney Songbook; visions will clash, ideas will erupt, and the soft nouget core inside all of us will begin to make itself visible and melt onto the spectating audience. Take a seat, get ridiculously comfy, and enjoy a familiar world that will slowly become a brand new face of memory.

Featuring performers (confirmed): Jamison Williams [soprano saxophone], Dan Kozak [reeds], Dana Fasano [percussion], Lenni Bukowski [reeds], Michael Lanier [double bass], Dayna Osan [violin], Thomas Milovac [double bass], Zachary Nace Bethel [trombone], AJ Herring [trombone], Jay Peele [trombone], Jason Dean Arnold [reeds / trumpet], Charles Pagano [percussion], Joe Yorio [reeds], and many many more.

• 08.13.14 Once again, and back wrecking the classic Disney Songbook for a fifth time (and enjoying every moment of it): in Disney Classics, vol V, we come together and celebrate a couple lovely songs in standard gnashing thrash solo sax fashion (with loving sweetness and gentle care, of course); this edition presents "Who's Afraid if the Big Bad Wolf", as well as "Heigh Ho!". I can't say it was easy, but I will say that I very much enjoyed myself. (Avail: 11/14)

• 07.06.14 Recorded, shipped, and on the platter to be cut, Disney Classics, vol IV really made this crumpled up, old gramps smile from ear to ear, and excited like a pre-Xmas evening. Release date will be made available soon, I guarantee you these are going to FLY.

• 06.17.14 Disney Classics, vol III is NOW officially SOLD OUT; twenty minutes on the market and that shit is GONE. Thank you ALL for supporting, next month volume III will be avaiable and the release date will be made available as well. First come, first serve.

• 05.14.14 I know this is a LONG SHOT, but was thinking that it was about that time I start taking in a student or two, and sharing the information I have acquired through thousands of hours of intense practice, study, and musical exploration; we will exclusively focus on extended techniques and variables, with each week dedicated to further expanding the student's personal language in the world of saxophonic communication.

• 04.23.14 THIS SUNDAY (April 27th, Sun Ray Cinema), I will be presenting the debut performance of Disney Classics as the opening act for the incredible percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani, and will have Disney Classics, volume II (clear 7", hand-lathed) available for sale ($20), ONLY FIVE AVAILABLE.

• 03.18.14 Delivered, received, and confirmed: I just got notice from the press, and IT IS ON!! A very special, very limited edition 7" release on clear hand lathed vinyl, will be made of "Disney Classics, Vol 1" (solo soprano sax); four songs beaten, worn, and reassembled magnificantly (all live, no edits, no overdubs). Five weeks are going to be a very loooong time.

After this 'Soliloquy' (solo saxophone) show this Friday, and minus the Ayler Commemoration for JAZZ FEST AFTER DARK, I am going to be spending the next FIVE YEARS (at least, AND I hope my attention proves strong enough to maintain) playing NOTHING but the songs found in Disney music catalog; I will be deconstructing and reinterpreting them outside, in, around, and through those American standardized chords: every aspect of my extended technical vocabulary will be applied to the lyrical information and context provided by the composers of these time honored classics.

• 02.28.14 Newly revamped Vantage Bulletin publishing site is now finally up, been a while, but shit, looks damn fine and glad to see operations back in proper working order; have a stroll, take a break (you deserve it), and take a gander at our fine collection of musical marvels. You will appreciate yourself much more afterwards. http://www.vantagebulletin.com/

02.21.14 I am very proud to announce my submission to the OneSpark crowdfunding campaign, on behalf of the Experimental Arts Union of Florida, presenting the [neu]Sonics music initiative, "The [neu]Sonics music initiative would be presented on a bi-monthly schedule (six annually), each event hosting a performance by one of the nation’s leading experimental improvisational jazz musicians or modern composers, with an opening performance by a student member of Jacksonville’s college music program."


Although I mentioned it before, I never provided a link to the completed interview on WJCT's Hometown broadcast covering the local experimental noise scene; our segment should begin at around the 14:40 mark.

• 02.19.14 The performance with Tim Albro and Dayna Osan, as well as the night of Tim Daisy / Mikolaj Trzaska at Karpeles Manuscript Museum, turned out to be absolutely perfect: the interactive coordination, the balance, and the general understanding of how to react with each other's musical vocabulary was phenomenal, I wouldn't change a single moment of it. A beautiful event, and an honor to have presented it.

Jamison Williams / Dayna Osan / Tim Albro
[photo: Anna Funk]

2014 I.N.C. (Miami), 11:15pm

• 02.11.14 INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE 2014 MIAMIwas fucking beautiful once again this year; everyone I got to see perform and meet back up with, just made every aspect of this mindblowing pilgrimage that much more incredible; thanks Laundry Room Squelchers for everything you do to provide an important outlet for weirdos, spazzes, and noise freaks worldwide: you have no idea how much it is appreciated.

• 01.29.14 'Calm, Then Storm: Jamison Williams wrangles order from chaos, and vice-versa' (by Shelton Hull) A wonderful write up from Shelton Hull, for a Folio Weekely piece covering the upcoming pre-International Noise Conference: "Pastoral, idyllic, bucolic — these are not words one naturally associates with the Northeast Florida noise scene. But they're bons mots on this particular Monday morning, as saxophonist Jamison Williams sits in repose at The Funk House, one of several places hosting performances by the Experimental Arts Union of Florida (EAUF), which he launched a year ago. Sipping coffee from an X-Men mug, Williams, in a sweater, slacks and saddle-shoes, looks every bit the dedicated musicologist he is — the dutiful student of sound." Read the full article, here: http://folioweekly.com/Calm-Then-Storm,8834

• "Parameters of Solo Arrangement (for Soprano Saxophone)"

recalcitrant [ri-kal-si-truhnt]
1. resisting authority or control; not obedient or compliant; refractory.
2. hard to deal with, manage, or operate.
Origin: 1835–45; < Latin recalcitrant- (stem of recalcitrāns, present participle of recalcitrāre to kick back), equivalent to re- re- + calcitr ( āre ) to strike with the heels, kick (derivative of calx heel) + -ant-

saxophone [sak-suh-fohn]
a musical wind instrument consisting of a conical, usually brass tube with keys or valves and a mouthpiece with one reed.
Origin: 1850–55; Sax + -o- + -phone

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” -Thomas A. Edison

• 09.17.13 I don't typically pander to the hocking of my musical wares, but in this particular case, I bare grateful exceptions; this beaut is a damn priss, clean and simple. Gorgeous. ALL PROCEEDS GO DIRECTLY TO THE EXPERIMENTAL ARTS UNION OF FLORIDA. (purchase order in link at Bandcamp)

[$3 buys you a digital version, as well as a physical copy (US sales only)].

'The Gilded Age: Perspectives on the Origins of Modern America', by Jamison Williams.

"This caustic, and gruesome, analysis offers to the listener an insight to the deplorable uncivil nature, inhumane expectations, and limitless greed found in the greatest figures of American industry during the early 20th century; these intimate biographies tell the story of thoughtless abuse, insatiable hunger for wealth, and an ultimate lack of understanding the value of a human's life worth."


• 05.23.13 Finally got around to remastering, and rereleasing 'HELEN MIRREN' (2004), not to dwell on shit from the past, and only look back at albums that I did ten years ago, but this is one that seems to stick; it has a story, message, and great inspiration. Well, I included a brief story in the album credits; Henderson was shit faced, and all of this was recorded in little ass (POP) nouveau, and I was playing LOUD.

"This album was originally released by Vantage Bulletin through the [PROLOGUE] series, the precursor to the eventual ACT (I, II) series; this particular album was the debut release (2004) of my solo saxophone recordings, and under this particular condition, I was completely shit faced from a Bill Henderson donated bottle of homemade 150 proof scorcher. All recorded in one sitting, no edits, no added effects."

Also, not to forget the great ongoing of the city, and the festivities tha I am currently a part of, Jacksonville Jazz Fest (Jazz After Dark) has allows myself and a dozen other musicians from around Florida to commemorate the life of ALBERT AYLER, with a night Dedicated to him and the legacy that he left behind.

Jacksonville is warming up to 'free jazz' on a jazz fest night, huh, go figure; the last time the jazz fest offered anything this experimental was last year during +SoLo SOund Gallery's great opening.

• 5.22.13 (POP) nouveau archives have been shifting over to a newer, more accessible location, rather than having to rummage through constant portals of links, players, and photos over at the blogspot, this makes shit so much simpler; over the course of the next few months, key performances, footage, mock ups, and dedications will be transferred over for your enjoyment. Have a blast, break out a cold bottle of Jarritos and enjoy; life is now a little easier for a few of us.

• 03.26.13 +SoLo: reprise is dead, all hail the Experimental Arts Union of FLorida. (www.EAUF.org)

Stay tuned for some amazing artist from all over the globe, influencial contributors to the world of experimental jazz / sound arts / cutting edge music; keep your eyes on the Experimental Arts Union of Florida.

Every month the schedule will include a performance that will ultimately change your life for the better, please attend.

FEBRUARY: Tatsuya Nakatani
MARCH: Bonnie Jones
JUNE: Peter Brotzmann / Joe McPhee
AUGUST: Jeremiah Cymerman
SEPTEMBER: Josh Jefferson / Forbes Graham
OCTOBER: Jaap Blonk / Jeb Bishop
NOVEMBER: Lea Bertucci

• 02.05.13 Recorded segments for WJCT's "Hometown" (PBS programming) program (set to air in March) highlighting Jacksonville's experimental scene; topics include: International Noise Conference, personal development, and community supporters.

For more information, and past episodes, visit: HOMETOWN


02.04.13 +SoLo: reprise, 02.06.13, (Burro Bar, Jacksonville)

This installment of '+SoLo: reprise' invites the Art Walk viewing public to listen to the ever-exciting, enthralling, and challenging works presented by Jacksonville's experimental sound/arts community; come experience some of the NE Florida's most interesting and engaging artists of the Floridian experimental arts genre.

"+SoLo: reprise" is designed as a platform to promote, and exchange, innovative and creative ideas, for those involved in the experimental and avant garde community; an extension of the original +SoLo Gallery, this satellite performance concept will be housed at Burro Bar every Art Walk (first Wednesday of every month): keep experimental, avant garde, noise, and improvisation music is alive in Jacksonville, FL. 


For booking info, please contact Jamison Williams via http://facebook.com/ vantagebulletin, or at pop_vantage@yahoo.com



(and many many more TBA)


• 02.01.13 Tomorrow night in Jacksonville, FL, Jamison Williams and Burro Bar will be hosting the 10th Annual pre-INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE, with over 20 acts performing experimental sound arts of ALL KINDS; should definitely be a great time, and full of unexpectations. Show starts at 8pm, with Ryan Reno DJ'ing, and Matthew Moyer organizing sets.