• May 20th - Orlando [Accidental Music Festival]

• May 14th
- Jacksonville [Shantytown]

• May 13th - Orlando [House Show - Dylan Houser]
• May 12th - Panama City
• May 11th - Montgomery
• May 10th - Birmingham [Firehouse Gallery]
• May 9th - Memphis [House Show - Dominic van Horn]
• May 8th - St Louis
• May 7th - Louisville [House Show - Tim Barnes]
• May 6th - Cleveland, TN [Grey House Red Door]
• May 5th - Greensboro
• May 4th - Atlanta
• May 3rd - Atlanta

[The 'Snow White' Tour, solo soprano saxophone]
• February 18th - London [Hundred Years Gallery]
• February 17th - London [Klinker Club]

• January 22th - Orlando [Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall]
• January 21th - St Paul [Center for Lost Objects Gallery]
• January 19th - Chicago [recording - Aaron Zarzukski]
• January 18th - Chicago [recording - Aaron Zarzukski]
• January 17th - Chicago [Baker Elementary]
• January 17th - Chicago [Elastic Arts]
• January 16th - Chicago [Myopic Books]
• January 15th - Chicago [1980 Records]
• January 14th - Columbus [It Looks Like It's Open]
• January 13th - Cincinnati [The Mockbee]

[The Gilded Age: Perspectives on the Origins of Modern America]
• December 15th - Jacksonville [Shantytown Pub]
• December 14th - Gainesville [Superfun!]
• December 13th - Panama City [Fork and Spoon]
• December 12th - Panama City [A&M Theater]
• December 11th - Jacksonville [Karpeles Manuscript Museum]

[Disney Interpretations: Ensemble (2016)]
• December 5th - Houston [Avant Garden]
• December 4th - Austin [recording - Music Lab]
• December 3rd - Austin [recording - Music Lab]
• December 2nd - Denton [Red Light Fever]
• December 1st - Dallas [Full City Rooster]

[The 'Mary Poppins' Tour, solo soprano saxophone]
• October 4th - Atlanta [Eyedrum]
• October 3rd - Birmingham [Spring Street Firehouse]
• October 2nd - Memphis [recording]
• October 1st - Dallas [Void Castle]
• September 30th - Dallas [Spinster Records]
• September 29th - Austin [The Off Center]
• September 28th - Houston [Satellite Bar]
• September 27th - New Orleans [Mudlark Theater]
• September 26th - Tallahassee [621 Gallery, WVFS]
• September 25th - Orlando [Timucua White House]

[trio with Alex Ravitz (bass clarinet) and Sean Hamilton (prepared vibes)]

• July 19th - Sarasota, FL [WSLR]
• July 18th - Orlando, FL [Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall]
• July 17th - Orlando, FL [Spacebar]
• July 16th
- Orlando, FL [Austin's Coffee]
• July 15th - Lakeland, FL [KRAP Arts]
• July 14th - Tampa, FL [recording session]

[trio with Nathan Corder (guitar) and Leo Suarez (drums)]
• June 21th - Macon, GA [Fresh Produce Records]
• June 20th - Atlanta, GA [Eyedrum]
• June 19th - Chattanooga, TN [Barking Legs Theater]
• June 18th - Nashville, TN [FMRL presents...]
• June 17th - Louisville, KY [Dreamland]
• June 16th - Chicago, IL [Tritriangle]
• June 15th - Chicago, IL [Splice Series]
• June 14th - Detroit, MI [Spread Out at Detroit Contemporary]
• June 13th - Pittsburgh, PA [curated by Manny Theiner]
• June 12th - New York, NY [WKCR]
• June 11th - New York, NY [Torus Porta]
• June 10th - New York, NY [recording session]
• June 9th - Philadelphia, PA [Vox Populi]
• June 8th - Washington, DC [Union Arts DC]
• June 7th - Richmond, VA [Balliceaux]
• June 6th - Atlanta, GA [Mammal Gallery]
• June 5th - Jacksonville, FL [recording]

• May 27th - Jacksonville, FL [JAZZ FEST AFTER DARK]
     [neu]Sonics Music Initiative Student & Teacher Recital

• May 17th - Jacksonville, FL [Shantytown]
• May 12th - Jacksonville, FL [Shantytown]

[trio with Dan Kozak (reeds) and Charles Pagano (percussion)]
• April 14th - Panama City, FL [A&M Theater]
• April 13th - Tallahassee, FL [Florida State University - lecture, performance]
• April 12th - New Orleans, LA [recording]
• April 11th - Houston, TX [Nameless Sound]
• April 10th - Houston, TX [Super Happy Fun Land]
• April 9th - Fayetteville, AK [Lalaland]
• April 8th - Kansas City, MO [University of Missouri - lecture, performance]
• April 7th - St Louis, MO [Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center]
• April 6th - Nashville, TN [FMRL presents...]
• April 5th - Birmingham, AL [curated by Shea Stevenson]
• April 4th - Atlanta, GA [curated by Majid Araim]
• April 3rd - Jacksonville, FL [Karpeles Manuscript Museum]
• April 1st - Jacksonville, FL [UNF Gallery or Art]

• March 1-4th - Paris, FR

• February 13-18th - London, UK
Feb 16th - I'klectik
     Feb 17th - Hundred Years Gallery

[duo with Leo Suarez (drums)]

• January 21th - Gainesville, FL [4Most Gallery]
• January 18th - Tallahassee, FL [WVFS]
• January 17th - Jacksonville, FL [Florida Mining Gallery]
• January 16th - St Augustine, FL [space:eight]
• January 15th - Tampa, FL [The Bunker]
• January 14th - Tampa, FL [Laurel Parking]
• January 13th - St Petersburg, FL [The Amsterdam]
January 12th - Sarasota, FL [Nothing Art Center]
January 12th - Sarasota, FL [WSLR.]
January 11th - Lakeland, FL [The Pink Piano]
• January 10th - Ybor, FL [MF Arts]
January 9th - St Petersburg, FL [Florida International Toy Piano Festival]
January 8th - St Petersburg, FL [Florida International Toy Piano Festival]

• December 16th - Cincinnati, OH [Experimental Music at the Library]
• December 15th - Chicago, IL [Elastic Arts]
• December 14th - Minneapolis, MN [curated by John Vance]
• December 13th - Milwaukee, WI [West End Conservatory]
• December 12th - Chicago, IL [curated by Aaron Zarzutzki]
• December 11th - Louisville, KY [Dreamland]
• December 10th - Nashville, TN [Portland Brew 12 South]
• December 8th - Jacksonville, FL [UNF Gallery of Art]

• November 14th - New York, NY [Freedom Garden]
• November 12th - New York, NY [The Stone - Nonoko Yoshida residency]
    Nonoko Yoshida (as), Jamison Williams (ss), Steve Swell (trbn)
           Brandon Lopez (b), Dave Miller (dr)

• November 11th - New York, NY [Trans Picos]

• October 31st - Atlanta, GA [The Big House on Ponce]
• October 30th - Atlanta, GA [The Big House on Ponce]
• October 29th
- Orlando, FL [DAY OFF: Walt Disney World!!]
• October 27th - New Orleans, LA [M. Sani Gallery]
• October 26th - New Orleans, LA [Instant Opus Improvised Music Series]
• October 25th - Houston, TX [curated by Damon Smith]
• October 24th - Austin, TX [Museum of Human Achievement]
• October 22th - Dallas, TX [Black Lodge]
• October 21th - Atlanta, GA [Mammel Gallery]
• October 20th - Atlanta, GA [Norton Arts Center]

• October 3rd - Amelia Island (Omni) [curated by Steve Williams]
• October 2nd - Amelia Island (Omni) [curated by Steve Williams]

• September 19th - Louisville, KY [Dreamland]
• September 18th - Columbus, OH [Fuse Factory]
• September 17th - Pittsburgh, PA [curated by Anna Rosati]
• September 16th - Cincinnati, OH [Public Library]
• September 15th - Cleveland, OH [Mahall's]
• September 14th - Chicago, IL [Myopic bookstore]
• September 14th - Chicago, IL [Anagram Series at Elastic Arts]
• September 13th - Cincinnati, OH [Rake's End]

• September 8th - Portland, OR [The Projection Museum]
• August 30th - Eugene, OR [The Boreal]
• August 28th - Seattle, WA [Gallery 1412]

• June 22 - Boston, MA [Somerville House Concert (Porter Square)]
• June 21 - New York, NY [Downtown Music Gallery]
• June 20 - Philadelphia, PA [AUX Performance Space]
• June 19 - Washington, DC [St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church]
• June 18 - Richmond, VA [Vinyl Conflict Record Store]
• June 17 - Columbia, SC [Friday Cottage Art Space]
• June 16 - Atlanta, GA [Eyedrum Gallery]

05.22-23.15 [Karpeles Museum] (Jacksonville) STEVE SWELL
"The City of Jacksonville will bring to you “Jazz after Dark”. Following the last act of the festival lineup each night, May 23-25, enjoy even more live Jazz from 10 p.m. till 2 a.m. Participating bars and clubs are located within a couple of blocks from the Jazz Fest stages and admission is free!"

May 3th - Panama City, FL [Mosey's Downtown]
May 4th
- Montgomery, AL [The Sanctuary]
May 5th
- Birmingham, AL [MONO Gallery]
May 6th
- Atlanta, GA [Eyedrum Gallery]
May 7th
- Nashville, TN [Portland Brew - 12 South]
May 8th
- Knoxville, TN [A1 Lab Arts]
May 9th
- Cincinnati, OH [Cincinnati Public Library]
May 10th
- Tuscaloosa, AL [The Grocery Gallery]

• 04.28.15 [Shantytown] (Jacksonville) Disney Classics, solo

• 04.011.15 [Intimate Sound Showcase] (Jacksonville) Disney Classics, solo

'When You Wish Upon a Star': FLORIDA TOUR:
“The Experimental Arts Union of Florida presents the 20-piece [neu]Sonics Orchestra (as musically arranged and conducted by saxophonist Jamison Williams) as they proudly showcase a night's performance of, 'When You Wish Upon a Star: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'; the magnitude of this night can only be described as a "full length masterpiece of epic Disney proportions", as Jamison Williams conducts a veritable Floridian über-group (20 participating professional musicians from all across Florida will be participating in this free-conducted, structurally improvising supergroup); a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, pleasantly making acquaintance with the visual abstraction of its yesterself. Set aside this evening for a loving night of family fun and entertainment, I guarantee you will all have much to talk about.”

March 14th, 2015
[WSLR] Fogartyville Community Media & Arts Center
25 Kumquat Court, Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 587-6588

March 15th, 2015
The Studio@620
620 1st Ave S, St Petersburg, FL 33701
(727) 895-6620

March 16th, 2015
Timucua White House
2000 South Summerlin, Orlando, FL, 32806


• 03.09.15 [Raindogs] (Jacksonville) Ava Mendoza's Unnatural Ways

• 03.08.15 [The Erasery] (Savannah, GA) Disney Classics, solo

• 02.05.15 [Churchill's Pub] (Miami) INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE

• 01.31.15 [Shantytown Pub] (Jacksonville) [pre] International Noise Conference (JAX)
20+ NOISE acts, 15min sets: 8pm-2am. [schedule coming very soon]

(...and a Tallahassee show):
DECEMBER 10-13, 2014

12.09.14 [Moseys] (Panama City)
12.10.14 [Rubyfruit Gallery]
12.11.14 [The Fork and Spoon]
(Panama City)
12.12.14 [The A&M Theater]
(Panama City)

12.05.14 [Karpeles Museum] Lunberry / Cartwright BOOK Party


12.07.14 [Sun Ray Cinema] 'When You Wish Upon A Star: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'

12.12.14 [Sun Ray Cinema] EAUF presents: TATSUYA NAKATANI


• 12.07.14, Sun-Ray Cinema (Jacksonville):
'WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'

Organized by Jamison Williams
Development: EAUF (Experimental Arts Union of Florida)

“December 7th (the weekend of Walt Disney's birthday), the 20-piece [neu]Sonics Orchestra (as musically arranged and conducted by saxophonist Jamison Williams) will proudly present a night's performance of, 'When You Wish Upon a Star: Interpretations from the Disney Songbook'; the magnitude of this night can only be described as a "full length masterpiece of epic Disney proportions", as Jamison Williams conducts a veritable Floridian über-group (20 participating professional musicians from all across Florida will be participating in this free-conducted, structurally improvising supergroup), as Sun Ray Cinema owner Tim Massett pays personal tribute during the night, with film projections of historic, yet raw, beaten, and decaying 35mm classic Disney footage; a mesmerizing night of structured musical abstraction, pleasantly making acquaintance with the visual abstraction if its yesterself. Set aside this evening for a loving night of family fun and entertainment, I guarantee you will all have much to talk about.”

• 10.11.14, Two& (Fort Lauderdale):
"Refractions & Echoes" [CD release event for Adam Matza]
I'm pulling a duo performance with Steven Bristol (piano),
with additional performance by Kenny Millions and Rizzletron.
Resident artist: Kelcie Mcquaid

09.07.14, Shantytown Pub (Jacksonville):

09.06.14, Eyedrum (Atlanta):

“Sound that stops the capacity for judgment. Sound that never decays. Sound that breaks free from every possibe image. Sound that comes from both death and birth. Sound that dies. The sound around me. Sound like the symptoms of eternal cold turkey. Sound that resists private ownership. Sound that goes insane. Sound that spills over from the cosmos. The sound of sound.”
–Kaoru Abe, on his musical concerns

08.06.14, at TSI (JAX ARTWALK):
; together with the accompanied efforts of Dan Kozak (reeds), Bill Henderson (drums), and Michael Lanier (double bass), the mocked up deconstructed Disney pieces made avaiable in my limited edition series will be played out in the a VERY grand, and aggressive scale. Free jazz gone Disney gone berserk; FREE.

07.25.14, at Shantytown Pub:
; more or less a total disaster in the making, no practice, we all trade off solos, this is going to be one for the books, kiddies. ALSO PERFORMING: Karl 2000 (NYC)

05.23.14, at Karpeles Manuscript Museum:
The Truth Comes Marching In | an Albert Ayler commemoration

"For the past three years, and officially a part of the Jazz Fest After Dark series, the 'Truth is Marching In | an Albert Ayler commemoration' has paid tribute to one of most important and influential musicians in the field of experimental jazz, saxophonist Albert Ayler (July 13, 1936 – November 25, 1970), and this year we are proudly continuing to present his works in a three night tradition (May 23-25, at Karpeles Manuscript Museum) of honored musical tribute showcasing his artistic talent, creative direction, and spiritual envelopment, with special performances by some of Florida's most daring jazz musicians."

May 23-25th, at Karpeles Manuscript Museum
Doors open at 10pm, FREE.
Two performances each night.

With (confirmed) performances by:
Jim Ivy (reeds / composition)
Kris Gruda (guitar / composition)
Jason Dean Arnold (reeds / trumpet)
Lenni Bukowski (reeds)
Jamison Williams (soprano saxophone)
Dan Kozak (reeds)
Michael Lanier (double bass)
Bill Henderson (drums)

05.21.14, at 1904 Music Hall: pre-Jazz Fest Throwdown:
I will be performing with Michael Lanier (double bass), Bill Henderson (drums), Dan Kozak (reeds), and AJ Herring (trom) in a "no holds barred free jazz extravaganza", approaching and (un)gracefully pronouncing the importance of free jazz during the Jacksonville Jazz Fest. Definitely going to be an eye opening event.

05.17.14, at CoRK Arts District:
Jamison Williams performs "Disney Classics"

(with Michael Lanier, double bass)
"These Disney classics were beaten, torn, twisted, deconstructed, and sonically abused/nurtured back to Olympic and gladiatorial health, and surgically performed on solo soprano saxophone triumphantly; each song charted out and redefined with absolute loving appreciation, then pummeled to sweet hell gash pulp shit; cartoon music in a blender, complete with gut wrapped blades twisted in a soiled and stained jar. No overdubbs, no added effects, and absolutely no editing; this shit is the real deal: acoustic high performance, and a personal masterpiece."

04.27.14, at Sun Ray Cinema ($9):
Jamison Williams performs "Disney Classics" (solo soprano)

[Opening for Tatsuya Nakatani] This inaugeral performance presents to the public my personnal love and appreciation found in the works of the Disney classics; these wonderful stories rekindle early childhood experiences and americana nostalgia, combined with dedicated study in extended technical deconstruction of solo soprano saxophone, offers to the audience an familiar and inviting place of comfort and education. Disney like you have never seen it.

03.21.14, at CoRK Arts District:
Jamison Williams performs "Soliloquy" (solo soprano)
"These intimate performances of solo saxophone invites the listener to carefully witness the intricate details, subtle nuances, and testaments of true musical courage; these solo performances offer to the audience the defining elements of a dyslexic tightrope walker with Turrets syndrome."

[02.17.14] at Karpeles Manuscript Museum: Timothy Daisy / Mikołaj Trzaska, Beginning in Chicago on February 7th – Gdansk, Poland based saxophonist, clarinetist/composer Mikola Trzaska and Chicago based percussionist Tim Daisy will embark on an eight date tour of the Midwest and Southeast areas of the United States including stops in Milwaukee WI, Louisville, KY, Atlanta, GA and Jacksonville, Fl. They will tour in support of their latest duo release “In This Moment” on Relay Recordings.

• 02.06.14, at Churchill's Pub (Miami): 11th annual INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE: I will be joining Steven Bristol, Dan Kozak, Bill Henderson, and AG Davis for an amazing day of extreme noise at Miami's legendary Churchill's Pub.

• 02.01.14, at Shantytown Pub (Jacksonville) 11th ANNUAL PRE-INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE (jacksonville). I will be playing with The Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald; We have a full day's supply of experimental sound designers from all over the city, state, and country, and as of now, totalling over two dozen acts set to perform. For the past six years, Jacksonville has hosted this highly creative event, and has been showcased on WJCT's Hometown (produced by Samual Farmer), as well as numerous articles across Florida highlighting the experimental arts associated with pre-INC.

• 01.02.14 (RAIN DOGS, jacksonville FL) POST-JUNK FESTIVAL 1: CELEBRATING FIVE YEARS OF INFINTESMAL RECORDS; I will be pulling a duo set with 2/3 of of Last Words of Lee Harvey Oswald trio.

[12.04.13] EAUF presents: NATE WOOLEY / CHRIS CORSANO

• 11.08.13 JUICE MACHINE is the live action analog electronic improvisational wife and husband duo of Roger Smith + Heather Chessman; I will be playing a duo with Tim Albro. Should be a great time had.

[11.07.13] SANGUIVOROUS (“Kyuketsu” 吸血): Tatsuya Nakatani / Eugene Chadbourne
SANGUIVOROUS (Kyuketsu, 吸血, 2012), the first silent Japanese vampire movie, goes for the jugular in a feeding frenzy through New York, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, Hudson and Washington, DC. With live musical accompaniment by Japanese percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani and banjoist/guitarist Eugene Chadbourne; this unprecedented event combines experimental filmmaking, cutting-edge contemporary music, dance theatre — and fangs. Sun-Ray Cinema in Jacksonville, Florida

[10.25.13] EAUF presents: 'The Home of Easy Credit' (Tom Blancarte / Louise D.E. Jensen)
CoRK Arts District in Jacksonville, Florid'The Home of Easy Credit' (Tom Blancarte / Louise D.E. Jensen); "The Home of Easy Credit paints a musical portrait of a commercialized and homogenized consumer culture that is slowly waking up to realize that it is completely fucked."

[10.07.13] EAUF presents, JAAP BLONK / JEB BISHOP
at MoCA | Jacksonville
A Cultural Resource of UNF

I'm beginning to feel the tremors of extreme excitement, because in just a couple weeks this show is going to blow the hinges off of MoCA | Jax, and I am stoked beyond definition: two amazing performers, an historic duo, EAUF and UNF organized and presented, and made possible by the tireless efforts of Clark Lunberry. For further information and uncoming events, please visit www.EAUF.org

• 08.28.13 Intimate Sound Showcase (The Funk House, Jacksonville, FL) with Nicolas Wandt, and Dan Kozak
We were very blessed to have has with us a very talented musician all the way from Germany, a musically inventive, collorfully creative, and delightfully warm spirit, and a wonderful person to have finally interacted with artistically in person; the trinketty, tiny sounds made between each of us reminded me of children playing, toying with ideas, laughing and further exploring where this challenge can take us. Anna Funk caught those incidental glimpses of adolescent interplay and contrast; I will remember them for as long as I can, it was a special night, and I am blessed to have such amazing friends who found an interest in the less showcased and creatively less popular genres of modern art, and for that I am greatly in debt to you all: thank you ALL very much. You have no idea how much I appreciate it.

• 08.25.13 Intimate Sound Showcase (The Funk House, Jacksonville, FL) with TJ Borden, and Dan Kozak
Come spend your Sunday at the Funk House, this event's entertainment will be provided by T.J. Borden, an amazing cellist, incredible person, and an occasion certianly not worth missing; it is a FREE event, but donations are encouraged. Come enjoy a night of sound exploration from talented national experimental musicians.

[08.14-15.13] EAUF presents JEREMIAH CYMERMAN
Jacksonville, FL Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum
as well as a trio performance the following night at the Intimate Sound Showcase (The Funk House).
including performances by Tim Albro & Jamison Williams

Jacksonville, FL Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum

For more information, visit Peter Brotzmann / Joe McPhee


• 05.26.13 Jacksonville, FL Burro Bar

Jacksonville Jazz Fest, "After Dark" presents
"Truth Is Marching In" | an ALBERT AYLER commemoration

Top Floridian avant/jazz musicians celebrating the
works of Albert Ayler, with performances by:

Michael Lanier
Bill Henderson
Jeff Abbott
Steven Bristol
Jason Dean Arnold
Jim Ivy
Kris Gruda
Lucy Bonk
Dan Kozak
Jamison Williams
Tim Albro

For more information, visit THE ALBERT AYLER TRIBUTE


• 05.16.13 Jacksonville, FL Shantytown Pub

International Noise Conference (tour)
TONS OF local/national artists
10-15 sets, 8pm-2am NOISE
including Rat Bastard...

• 04.10.13 Jacksonville, FL Shantytown Pub

• 04.08.13 Ft Lauderdale, FL IWAN The Bubble

• 03.18.13 Atlanta, GA The Drone CLub

• 03.07.13 Tallahassee, FL The Paperback Rack; "Soliloquy"

• 02.27.13 St Pete, FL The Venture Compound; beginning December 2012, Jamison Williams will invite a wide variety of musicians, artists, and performers to openly collaborate with him in an open improvisory setting, and in many cases, the performing artists contributing their efforts have never before performed together, and these indicative settings of elementary interaction, will be known as the 'Free Play' sessions; these free form encounters of musical play will be openly spontaneous, antagonistic, playful, and/or chaotic, and are designed to invite waves of solos, duos, trios, and towering walls of unprecedented sound: AN IMPROVISATION ENSEMBLE.

• 02.19.13 Jacksonville, FL Museam of Contemporary Art | Jacksonville, Tatsuya Nakatani [solo percussion], and duo with Jamison Williams.

• 02.15.13 Atlanta, GA Beep Beep Gallery, Join myself and many others for the monthly Invent Room Pop, hosted by Robby Kee.

• 02.07.13 Miami, FL Churchill's Pub for 10th Annual INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE; will be performing with Steven Bristol (drums).

• 02.06.13 Jacksonville, FL (+SoLo: reprise) Burro Bar, come support Jacksonville's Art Walk (first Wednesday of EVERY month): NOISE AT ART WALK.

• 02.02.13 Jacksonville, FL Jamison Williams and Burro Bar will be hosting the 10th Annual pre-INTERNATIONAL NOISE CONFERENCE, with over 20 acts performing experimental sound arts of ALL KINDS; should definitely be a great time, and full of unexpectations. Show starts at 8pm, with Ryan Reno DJ'ing, and Matthew Moyer organizing sets.